Angepinnt Dogfight-Modul: Changelog Thread

    Dogfight-Modul: Changelog Thread

    Hier werde ich ab jetzt jeden neuen Changelog des Spieles/Launchers mit Erscheinungsdatum einpflegen. So das es ohne Probleme möglich ist nach einem speziellen zu suchen.

    Patch 12 04.06.2021 (ARENA COMMANDER RELEASE)

    Patch 12.1 06.06.2021

    Patch 12.2 12.06.2021

    Patch 12.3 18.06.2021

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    Star Citizen Patch 12 veröffentlicht am 04.06.2021 (Release Arena Commander V.08)

    RELEASE NOTES – Arena Commander V0.8

    WARNING: This version of Arena Commander
    will delete your Hangar’s “USER” folder. If you have stored screenshots
    or other information, please move them before patching.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to take off in the dogfighting module, you must pick up the HELMET located on a pedestal in your Hangar. Once you have picked up the helmet, enter an AC ELIGIBLE SHIP
    (F7C Hornet, Aurora or 300i) to take off. Note that if you have
    additional versions of each eligible ship (ie, two 300is) only one of
    them will allow you access to Arena Commander.

    Please be aware that the Gatling guns on your Hornet can overheat and
    explode! Be careful with the trigger to ensure you don’t lose your
    weapons while in flight.

    Known Issues


    No way to easily distinguish dogfighting eligible ships from ineligible ones.

    There are multiple issues with the persistence system that can
    cause ship loadouts to not appear and bugs with the helmet in the
    hangar. Easy workaround for most issues is to delete your “USER” folder
    inside the game client.

    Having multiple input devices connected (I.E. Joystick + Gamepad)
    will cause conflicts between the throttle settings when certain actions
    are performed like changing flight modes or receiving damage with hit

    Hangar – Art – X55 debug text appears in key bindings menu

    Some combinations of computer hardware can sometimes experience graphical glitches and artifacts.

    Ship collisions with environmental objects needs tuning and refinement for proper damage attribution.

    All Maps – Gameplay / Weapons – The flare countermeasure doesn’t always cause missiles to miss and follow it

    Player cockpit animations and enter/exit animations still need some improvements

    Infrequent crashes still occur during gameplay in special circumstances and after extended periods of play

    Issues with scoreboard display when awaiting respawn or in 3rd person perspective.

    Radar and signature system still needs improvement for occlusion
    handling and a balance pass to increase the variability of radar

    When ejecting from the ship after the character pulls the ejection handle he tposes for a few frames before ejecting

    When ejecting at high speeds you go into the cockpit a little bit before impulsing up

    Particle effect remains indefinitely after gatling gun is destroyed

    Some users are reporting a bypassable “No Disk in Drive” error when updating

    Render thread spikes could cause performance issues

    Bitching Betty may announce ‘system overheating’ at incorrect times

    Missing chair whilst the player is ejecting in first person view

    Camera transitions between the three animation states of ejection have large glitching issues.

    Some foot IK animation errors when walking inside Constellation

    Camera spins wildly when third person is activated after ejecting

    On the Aurora the fixed weapon aiming reticule turns green when pointing directly at the target or behind the target’s direction

    Blacking out can happen too easily sometimes

    Buggy can sometimes slide around and flip over

    Buggy can sometimes not accelerate unless turbo is applied (Shift)

    Badger Repeater weapon geometry becomes offset when fired from the firing range

    Near impossible to navigate Arena Commander UI using Oculus Rift

    Some users can experience an issue of falling through the elevator floor when using lower spec machines

    The Outfit Changer has been temporarily disabled

    Clicking the launch button on the Arena Commander UI multiple times can cause undesired behavior

    Vanduul Swarm

    All Maps – Vanduul Swarm – Gameplay – If pausing as the game loads
    into the level, the player will be left on a black screen indefinitely

    All Ships – Vanduul Swarm / DFM_Survival – Art – There is a green, occasionally graphically corrupt, bar present when the player kills an enemy

    Vanduul Swarm / DFM_Survival – AI – The Ai controlled wingmen are too quickly overheating their own Gatling guns to the point of destroying them

    Dying Star – Vanduul Swarm – Gameplay – Wave 7 didn’t spawn in during Vanduul Swarm (only once)

    No HUD element to show remaining lives…922-Star-Citizen-Patch-12

    Patch 12.1 veröffentlicht am 06.06.2021

    Today’s patch adds the Freelancer variants to the Hangar and gives backers a first look at the two TNGS finalist ships! Vote for your favorite during the live TNGS broadcast, Saturday, June 7th at 3 PM PST.

    PLEASE NOTE: Your Hangar has temporarily been updated to Deluxe to display the TNGS finalists. The ships will be removed and your normal Hangar returned after the finale.


    Added upgraded base Freelancer and all variants to the Hangar Module

    Upgraded all backers to Deluxe Hangars so we can add the TNGS finalist ships

    Increased the size of production server and deployed servers with Google Compute

    Added Four Horseman’s – Aegis Dynamics – Redeemer – to all backer hangars

    Added Shard Collective’s – Origin Jumpworks – AX114 Boomslang – to all backer hangars

    Light polish and hookup work on The Next Great Starship ships for display in the hangar

    Add missiles to the freelancer_max

    Adjusted power consumption and the speed of the laser bolt for the Klaus and Werner CF007 Bulldog

    Bugs Fixed

    Unable to access multiplayer with an account that contains the appropriate multiplayer game mode items

    Resolved an issue in multiplayer where the pilot enter animation would play every time you respawn

    Resolved an issue with the Hornet’s Gatling gun which would cause
    it to begin taking heat damage prior to reaching a critical heat state

    Resolved an issue with the AI firing their Gatling guns constantly until they were destroyed due to heat damage

    Resolved an issue with pilot animations becoming offset in the 300i when viewed in 3rd person

    Resolved an issue which caused the animations for pitching up and down in the cockpit to be reversed.

    Resolved an issue which caused AI who were destroyed when the
    player blew up their engine and reactor to register as having committed

    Resolved an issue in multiplayer that would often cause a crash of the server and clients at the end of a round

    Corrected an issue with cooling on the 300i which could cause unintentional overheating under normal operating conditions…29-Star-Citizen-Patch-121

    Patch 12.2 veröffentlicht am 12.06.2021

    PLEASE NOTE: You must now press tab to show the cursor when the Arena Commander menu is open in the cockpit.
    New Features/Fixes
    Vanduul no longer show as committing suicide when defeating them with missiles
    Added “Invert Flight Mouse” and “Invert Flight Controller” options to game settings screen
    Helmet animation plays when putting on the helmet now
    Ejection now counts towards player death
    Added an expanded X52 mapping
    Lighting fixes for AMD machines
    Improved Aurora mount/dismount/idle animation
    Increased fuel tank capacity to allow for longer afterburner use
    Improved Thruster Animations
    Improved Holoship destruction
    Player is now able to access the scoreboard whilst waiting on respawn
    Improvements on overlapping ship audio SFX
    Fixed crashes when match round ends
    300i seat animations now added and improved
    Entering 300i and Aurora with your helmet now displays the HUD on the helmet
    Removed debug text from X55 HOTAS in key binding menu
    Known Issues
    Buggy can only move when using boost in the business hangar
    Audio missing from legacy Aurora control panels when sit/standing in pilot seat
    CF-117 Badger repeater geometry becomes offset when fired from firing range
    Red replace me ball shown beneath DFM Trainer Hornet
    Texture z-fighting appearing in DFM Trainer Aurora cockpit
    Third person camera view can roll using Q and E
    Vanduul swarm
    Aurora boost level decreases when not using boost
    Boost level not shown while flying 300i
    Aurora boost level only shown as decreasing after first death
    Other ships can appear to rotate when they actually are not
    Scoreboard info not shown if round ends while outside of ship…42-Star-Citizen-Patch-122

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    Patch 12.3 veröffentlicht am 18.06.2021
    New Features/Fixes

    Arena Commander

    Arena commander menu now accessible through options menu

    Proper score awarded when an enemy is destroyed in Vanduul Swarm

    All ballistic weapons now use ammo boxes

    Frozen effect no longer appears for everyone after ejecting

    Command pp_rebindKeys layout_joystick_spacesim now properly works

    HOTAS X55 Joystick is diplayed under controller options menu

    Run no longer toggled off when user interacts with something

    Cockpit and ship should now despawn after ejecting

    All ship controls now have smoother animations

    X-box right joystick can now be inverted

    Countermeasures should now be more effective

    Hornet chaingun audio should no longer cut out

    No longer stuck unable to respawn if chat open while killed

    Spawn warping audio no longer heard by everyone in the match

    Broadsword when equipped now has ammo and properly overheats

    Ship debris can no longer pass through cockpit

    Improvments to zero-g movement

    Various performance improvements

    Various server and client crash fixes

    Switched spawn points so that players respawn next to their own bases in CTC

    Match end after reaching over 100 points.

    Helmet Animations

    Various matchmaking tweaks (public matches were requesting private ones)

    Reduced texture sizes on the 300i

    Implement new win mechanic into Team Deathmatch. Fixed up next kill wins mode, audio and HUD alerts.

    Item Balancing

    Shield energy reallocation does not loose energy but realloc existing energy

    Loading screen remains on screen after the level has loaded

    Pausing the game as DFM loads from hangar sticks on a black screen

    Added directional indication for shield impacts not in view (similar to an older verison of the shield) for gameplay feedback.

    ReExported LandingGear_deploy animation

    Player is able to enter ship while he is also able to ‘press X to
    respawn’. Ship now correctly rez’s out when landed after ejection.

    Improved lighting but for real this time

    If a Vanduul becomes sufficiently damaged they disappear from the
    map and their name in-game becomes “undefined”. Need to be destroyed to
    progress. Added missing return to fix.

    Allow custom user CFGs to be specified in cmd line.

    When one player ejects from their ship, the frozen visor FX may appear on all player’s screens.

    After destroying another player their body will float in space in a t-pose.

    MP Fix – Player is now hidden following a vehicle destruction death as in SP.


    Buggy can now drive properly in the Business Hangar

    Turrets no longer mountable on missile racks hardpoints

    Third person camera no longer rotates using Q and E

    Replace me ball no longer present under Hornet Trainer

    Improvements to Trainer Hornet rear landing gear geometry

    No longer able to place 325a engine on other ships

    Hornet Ghost engine no longer able to be equipped on other ships

    Resolved issue of no ammo when chaingun removed and added back to ship

    Fix for third person camera rotating when pressing Q or E when not in zero-g

    Created basic mapping for Logitech G940. Fixed up a number of asserts it caused in the Joystick device handler.

    The Logitech G940 completely changes if you install the correct
    drivers. Updated the mappings to work with those drivers rather than the
    default windows ones.

    AC menu can be navigated using a gamepad

    Known Issues:

    HUD target indicator arrows can be missing

    Graphical issues can occur while using SLI/Crossfire

    It can be possible to sometimes load into a black screen when choosing an Arena Commander match

    Hornet gatling guns take heat damage when not being fired…56-Star-Citizen-Patch-123

    Patch 12.4 veröffentlicht am 02.07.2021


    Players able to connect to Broken Moon

    Performance improvements when targeting enemies in single player

    Chainguns firing sounds and animations no longer cut out

    Matchmaking and server stability improved:

    Reduced rotational and positional errors of players in multiplayer

    Resolved issue with players returning to hangar in the middle of matches

    Bandwidth optimization improvements – a case where less is more

    Session token authorization added

    Improved sync between instance manager and matchmaker

    Improved matchmaking queue functionality

    Here are some of the crash fixes:

    Attempting to zone into a multiplayer match is fixed

    Choosing “Return to Hangar” is crushed

    During multiplayer matches – stability FTW

    No longer crashes when round ends

    After running out of map border – you die, but you don’t crash
    [Well your ship crashes, and explodes, but the game doesn’t crash or
    explode – Ed.]

    You can now alt-tab on the loading screen, without crashing

    Sounds no longer stutter on missile lock sounds

    Freelancer model no longer flickering

    Missing textures on the calendar are found

    Animation issues:

    Reintroduced y-bobbing on character movement

    Cleaned up freelancer bed animation

    Source file corruption issues are improved

    Metafile launcher errors are improved


    Balanced ballistic weapons ammo – no longer unlimited

    Additional Features

    Shield indicators added to ship model on HUD

    Added Control Mapping for the G940 HOTAS

    Improved weapon fire sounds that have more guts and punch

    The whoosh of other ships flying close by you

    The whizz of other players’ ordnance as they fire at you

    New explosions

    Improved sound mix…95-Star-Citizen-Patch-124

    Patch 12.5 veröffentlicht am 31.07.2021


    Added subscriber jukebox

    Adding cockpit shaking and sounds from damage and impacts

    Missile sounds polished and improved

    Additional shield sounds added (power down, power up, taking damage)

    Added new Vanduul ship designated [REDACTED] by UEE Naval Command

    Added Victory/Defeat/Draw message on end of round scoreboard

    Added voice over announcement to denote which team has won the round

    Added additional Hornet top bar warning lights

    Freelancer bunk beds now interactable

    Freelancer bathroom and toilet now interactable

    Revised the Aurora interior to increase fidelity

    Added Aurora warning indicator lights



    Power plant charge reduced

    Thruster power drain decreased

    Shield HP increased

    Shield regen delay decreased

    Hull piece health increased


    Shield HP reduced

    Shield regen delay increased

    Shield changed from bubble shield to a front/rear shield

    Shield face power allocation rate reduced


    Thruster health increased

    Shield regen delay increased

    Health values for shield and ship parts modified to impart a sturdier feel

    Mantis Gatling Gun

    Damage decreased

    Heat per shot increased

    Bulldog Repeater

    Power recharge rate has been decreased

    Repeater fire rate increased

    Badger Repeater

    Increased rate of fire

    Behring M3A

    Rate of fire decreased

    Damage increased

    Omnisky VI

    Damage decreased

    Rate of fire decreased

    Bullet mass increased (to knock around ships with more force)


    Damage decreased

    Missiles now properly deal damage to the shields instead of going straight to the hull

    Vanduul Scythe

    Decreased shield regeneration

    Networking Improvements

    Fixed issues that resulted in being kicked back to hangar during match load

    Positional correction fixes to reduce rubberbanding

    Failed connection attempts to HubServer will now timeout after 10 seconds

    Removed socket disconnections due to login timeouts

    Networked physics is now independent of frame rate

    Reduced server load caused by console logging

    Creation of http interface to capture server statistics

    Fixed players not connecting to matchmaker

    Added a handshake system to guarantee the correct initialization of servers

    Server-to-server connection improvements

    Adjusted ship network packet priorities

    Fix for disconnections while in the hangar

    Reworked network correction to use network sync’d packets and direct physics pushes instead of IFCS system

    Greatly reduced hitching and performance issues associated with players joining or exiting a match


    Mantis cannons no longer takes damage without overheating

    Player can no longer zone into a match standing in the cockpit

    Helmet is no longer invisible

    Fixed 300i landing gear placement

    Fixed rare crash when loading into Vanduul Swarm

    Fixed crash when receiving connection error

    Fixed crash caused by players spawning on top of each other at beginning of map

    CPU optimizations to improve client performance

    Gatling gun audio stops when no longer firing

    Destroying an asteroid no longer counts as a final kill

    Energy bolts now scale properly when fired to the side

    Winning music no longer plays at match end for losing team. You get nothing, you lose, good day sir.

    Fixed ships in holotable no longer showing hologram model

    Notifications, points, scoreboard and timer should now show in third person

    Player movement prevented when interacting with helmet stand

    Friendly killed audio no longer plays Hostile Eliminated, Target Destroyed or Enemy down

    Removed use icon on ladder

    Correct game mode descriptions added in Arena Commander UI

    Adjusted bloom of objects on radar

    Projectiles scale properly when firing in decoupled mode

    Particle emitters now properly destroy themselves, reducing lag

    Ship Energy system optimizations

    Fix for sound velocity/speed being calculated incorrectly if its position is changed multiple times per frame.…49-Star-Citizen-Patch-125

    Patch 13 veröffentlicht am 12.09.2021


    Added Cooperative Vanduul Swarm game mode

    Added Classic Race game mode

    Added Private Matches

    Added Friend Codes

    M50 is now Arena Commander Ready

    350r is now Arena Commander Ready

    Added New Horizons Speedway level

    New Hangars:

    Discount is now Self Land

    Business is now Aeroview

    Deluxe is now Revel & York

    Addition of VFG Industrial Asteroid Hangar

    Added backend support for Leaderboards

    Added ability to boost maneuvering thrusters by consuming fuel

    Additional controls for Six Degrees of Freedom in both coupled/decoupled mode

    Added various control schemes

    Added fuel gauge to HUD of all ships

    Greatly improved pilot g-force animations

    Added scalable directional pilot animations for hit impacts

    New game/pause menu

    Updated and improved a plethora of sound effects

    Added sounds for catwalk doors

    Updated countermeasure sounds

    Added response sound for hitting target

    Updated Character Animations

    New Sound effects for Vanduul wave spawns

    New ship flight sounds

    Updated Aurora paint jobs

    Updated 300-series paint jobs

    Added lead target indicators

    Added sound effect for failed missile lock

    Added sound effect for hit confirmation

    Fixed a multitude of ships bugs for hangar ships

    Double tapping throttle up/down on gamepad and keyboard sets throttle to full/zero

    Added spectator cam after you are destroyed

    Added support for Track IR

    Added support for players to select their active hangar on the website

    Updated HUD, revamped HUD controls, and greatly improved functionality

    Added slight head movement to look where you are flying


    Increased top speed of ships to previous max boost speed

    Afterburners now increase thruster power instead of top speed

    Removed automatic lead shooting by ITTS. Training wheels are off.

    Rebalanced all weapons

    Improved weapon damage due to ITTS changes

    Improved weapon heat dissipation

    Boosting now overrides G-Safe

    Improved control sensitivity for finer control on joysticks and thumbsticks.

    Revised shield recharge rates and health

    Revised health of all ships and their discrete pieces

    Throttle now proportional to acceleration for more precise throttle control on gamepad and keyboard

    Revised missile speed, damage, and signature requirements for lock

    Updated flight performance characteristics for all ships

    Balanced energy consumption on weapons and items better.

    Updated and improved art and visual effects in Broken Moon and Dying Star

    Improved AI flight behavior


    Sound no longer plays while the loading screen is still active

    CTC Core radar icon changed to be more visible

    Fixed an issue where targeting reticles were still present after target died

    Fixed the performance issues with CTC Cores

    Fixed orientation of targeted ships on HUD

    Respawn message no longer shows when you eject on your final life in Vanduul Swarm

    Loading of ship hud no longer cancels lock-ons

    Memory optimizations for sound

    Missiles no longer pass through geometry

    Various Animation and IK fixes

    Freelancer door animation fixes

    Fixed an issue with the crab escaping its tank and wandering out of the hangar

    Fixed missing textures

    Fixed up ejection issues

    Fixed misaligned decals on ships

    Various crash fixes

    Fixed issue where player was able to exit ship while respawning

    Fixed an issue where player would sometimes die immediately when spawning during Free Flight or Vanduul Swarm

    Lighting adjustments

    Fixed a lot of animation issues throughout

    Fixed an issue with players falling through elevators

    Fixed an issue with character appearing to fall after loading

    Fixed camera angle issues in third person

    Fixed character missing eyes in some situations

    Fixed issues with audio cutting out

    Fixed collision issues with walls

    Console no longer displays user information such as username

    Adjusted landing pad to be easier to land on

    Fixed various server crashes

    Track IR adjustments

    Fixed issue where 300i could sometimes fail to eject the player

    Fixed 325a control panels missing

    Enabled Hornet volume trail

    Fixed avenger geometry, animation, and texture issues

    Fixed collision on the Cutlass

    Fixed issues with damage states and visual effects

    Fixed a potential security issue present when accessing the console

    Fixed various issues with throttle and stick pilot animations in the Hornet

    Fixed an issue where the Aurora’s cockpit camera was cutting off important HUD information…141-Star-Citizen-Patch-13